DCDL XXXV, décors paranormaux de Rachels Evans


How infinite, the variety of sounds... how beautiful, the simplest repeated loop... how magical, the shimmer of electricity... how sublime, the distant or near female, showered in reverb, whisper, coo... how soothing, the calm of a rippling, soft, drone... how spine-tingling, the pulse of a building beat... how crisp, the cut of a patterned segment in time... how lush, when layers of ears are in perfect-sync...

Looking into eyes in a black-lit room, glowing stars become a galaxy on the ceiling fan, paint-splattered carpet becomes fluorescent, dripping...
The sun is shining through the trees, but the rain is still softly tapping...
Like watching the earth open up like a flower, or following a down-trodden path through a forest... this is where the water shines.

Rachel Evans

60-Minute Mix of Influences for Motion Sickness of Time Travel, compiled by Rachel Evans for "Des Chibres & Des Lettres" blog.

DCDL XXXV - Paranormal Bodies | Rachel Evans MSOTT

1. The Descending Moonshine Dervishes - Terry Riley
2. Fire - Valet
3. Na Ernel - Cluster
4. Acid We - L.A. Vampires
5. Be Good to Them Always - The Books
6. Mushroom - Can
7. My Eyes Were Full of Dirt - Nova Scotian Arms
8. House on the Hill - Beach House
9. 92982.3 - William Basinski
10. Gollum - Harmonia
11. Hot on the Heels of Love - Throbbing Gristle
12. Another - Xeno & Oaklander
13. Free - November Novelet
14. Halwa - Cluster
15. L'Orchestre Thermo-Dynamique - Pierre Bastien
16. Vacuum - Fennez
17. Gymnopedie 1 - Erik Satie
18. Middle - White Rainbow
19. Young Lungs - Stereolab
20. Black Swan - Thom Yorke
21. Little Fluffy Clouds (Orbital Dance Mix) - The Orb
22. Sun Lips - Black Moth Super Rainbow
23. Black Color Hair (Berio Remix) - Mitchell Turner
24. Palm - Pocahaunted (with Bob Bruno and Cameron Stallones)

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4 commentaires:

rachel evans a dit…

thanks again for posting this!

Unknown a dit…

You're welcome, thx U!

L'Habitant 18 a dit…

Fantastic Mix. Totally fan of MSOTT and Hooker Vision releases.

Check here my review of Seeping... (in catalan and english)


Planeta Modular a dit…

Excellent mix! Nous l'avons adoré à notre orbite, merci beaucoup!