DCDL XXVI, du soleil

Un mix comme on en entend à New York, l'été, dans les parks de Brooklyn. Disco, funk, house, 100% vinyl, savant et dansant, tout en souplesse. Mille mercis au très érudit Juan Chriss, créateur des soirées toulousaines Dance For All et animateur de l'émission Digital Radio Show.

dcdl XXVI

DCDL XXVI | Juan Chriss

Carlos Nino – Antiquity (D’wala Edit) – White UK
Theo Parrish – Unrealise concept – White UK
Ibex - oasis - Planet e
Disco - D Beat It - Alviated records
Serious Intention - You Don't Know - Easy Street Records
Yellow Magic Orchestra - Computer Game - Horizon Records & Tapes
Tower of power - only so much oil in th the ground - Warner
Mass Production - Welcome To Our World - Atlantic
Boy Naughty - Music -A&M
The b bomber - battle on - Electonic Souls
Peter Duff - Big appel Production VOL.1 – B&W Records
Romanthony - The Wanderer - Prescription
STL – QRZ - Something
Lykke li dance dance dance dixon records - Philomena
Toby Tobias – Macasu (MCDE loft Party Mix) – White
Kasso - Kasso - Banana Records
Charanga '76 - No Nos Pararan - TR Records
White – West End
The voyeur - Roots – Voyeurism
The Gospel soul revivals - If Jesus came today - Vinyl Rules
C j & CO - devil's gun - Westbound
Fantasy - you are late - Pavillon
Joe Bataan - rap o clap o – Salsoul
New experience – Prove it to me – Philly world records
Jocelyn Brown - I wish you world - Vinyl Dreams
Mfsb - love is the message - Philly sound
Dub Stone – Trip to seed – Montricoux records
Hipnotic - Are You Lonely – Street level records
Loleatta holloway - love sensation - Salsoul
Michael jackson – Off The Wall - Epic
Jackson Sisters - I Believe In Miracles - Prophesy Records
Billy Love – Melloghettomental – Soundsignature
Moscow - Throw up - Endless Flight
Henrik Schwarz And Kuniyuki Feat Fumio - Once Again – Mule
Mirko loco – Love harmonic (Carl Craig’s soundscape remix) - Cadenza

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